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Neighbors United To Oppose the Costly and Misleading Recall


Councilmember Jeannine Pearce says recall committee crossed the line and a women’s safety is not politics as usual.

WHO:​ Attorney Byron Dannell, Long Beach City Councilmember Jeannine Pearce, family, friends and supporters.
WHEN:​ February 9​th​, 2018. 12pm
WHERE:​ ​Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse, Steps of The Magnolia 275 Magnolia (Corner of Magnolia and Broadway) Long Beach, CA 90802

WHAT: On January 19, 2018, Long Beach City Councilmember Jeannine Pearce filed a restraining order for her personal safety and the protection of her family, friends, and staff. The judge granted a temporary restraining order.

This order came as a result of a personal incident that took place with Councilmember Pearce and another party that put her and her family’s safety at jeopardy. The incident became a public matter when those who opposed the councilmember in prior elections, used her personal life for political gain. A costly and a abusive recall campaign began against Councilmember Pearce fueled by the hotel industry as a result of her taking a stand in support of housekeepers. She fought to pass “Claudia’s Law” a law aimed at protecting hotel workers from sexual abuse. Although the law lost in city council chambers in 2017, it is making its way back to the November ballot, something the hotel industry does not want to see happen.

On February 1st,the recall campaign crossed the line by putting the safety of the Councilmember and that of her family by sending a letter to the judge overseeing the Councilmember’s restraining order. The letter asked the judge to deny the Councilmember her restraining order, an appalling move and one that was intended to shame the Councilmember for standing up for herself, family, and staff. This letter carries no legal standing, compromises the Councilmember’s safety and sends a message that our rights do not matter if the lobbying dollars of our opposition are on the table. To think that a hotel industry can back such a recall,is even more concerning to the Councilmember who has fought hard to protect victims rights.

Such tactics cross all lines of integrity and continue to fuel the “code of silence” that has been as much of an epidemic as the abuse. People simply do not want to stand up at the fear of being victimized time and time against. The safety of any individual, including the Councilmember should come first and foremost before politics.

Taking the steps to secure the order was not easy for the Councilmember. After much support that included therapy, outpatient care and self care, coupled with the support from non-profits as well as family and friends she was able to take the step to protect herself and loved ones.

District 2 residents voted in support of courage, equity, and civic engagement when she was elected. She remains committed to these values, and urges constituents to see this recall for what it is, a political ploy to divide residents and silence women.

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In less than a year and a half, Jeannine Pearce has already delivered big relults for our district. She has added more than 150 parking spaces and is working to add another 300 in the next year. Jeannine has also doubled constituent sevices (such as filling potholes and removing graffiti) over previous years, lobbied for stronger clean air regulations, built a new dog park, and served as a tireless advocate for residents.


Is a longtime community leader, who was just elected in 2016 to represent our neighborhoods on the City Council. Unfortunately, a few people who supported Jeannine's opponent in 2016 are using a difficult personal situation as the basis for trying to recall her from office.

Jeannine Pearce


JEANNINE PEARCE is a longtime community leader who was elected to the City Council in 2016. During her time in office, she has proven herself to be a responsive leader who listens to residents and gets thing done for our neighborhoods.


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The claims made in the recall petition are exaggerations or outright lies. Council Woman Pearce never broke any laws, nor has she ever requested special treatment. The recall will waste upward of $272,000 in taxpayers money by forcing the city to hold anothe election.. The recall will not add parking spaces, reduce hmelessness, or keep neighborhoods safe.

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The misleading recall will not

Add more parking spaces, reduce homelessness, or keep neighborhoods safe.

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The recall will

Waste upwards of $273,00 in taxpayers' money by forcing the city to hold another election.

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Paid for by Neighbors United to Support Jeannine Pearce and Oppose the Costly and Misleading Recall #1401302 525 E. Seaside Way, #101-C Long Beach, CA 90802